Eberron: Inquisitive Arms

A Letter Goodbye
A note left at the Inquisitive Arms house

Inquisitive Arms,

I have enjoyed serving with most of you but have some personal business to attend to. I have emptied my room for future use. I am also using the boon granted by Thia d’Phiarlan to get some information that I need. I have left behind some of the magical items that are the company’s. I will hopefully return within a couple months time.

Fight with honor: Kithriel

Report IQ-HO-01
Inquisitive Arms for House Orien 01

Date: 20 Zarantyr 999 YK
Employer: House Orien

Mission Summary

Inquisitve Arms House was hired by House Orien to perform a sentient science teleportation operation. After traveling to Journey’s Home we were given mission details. House Orien had been testing a long range teleportation device but was not having all their inanimate and animal subjects reappear at the intended location in the Lhazzar Principality. House Orien requests that Inquisitive Arms utilize the teleportation device and upon an unsuccessful operation, described as not arriving at intended target, to recon the new arrival zone and report back via a sending stone.

After preparing for departure, Inquisitive Arms members Kithriel, Jesseret, and Dymarr had House Orien members activate the teleportation device. The recon party found themselves not in the intended destination but within a hostile territory. After an initial encounter with a local group, Inquisitive Arms determined their arrival location to be the ancient fortress from the Age of Demons: Fiendfell, within the Demon Wastes. Inquisitive Arms proceeded to escape Fiendfell and found their way to the House Tharask outpost of Blood Crescent. After informing both House Orien and House Tharask members of the state of the outpost, Inquisitive Arms used their combat knowledge to assist the remaining defenders of the outpost until ships arrived for their rescue.

Inquisitive Arms surmises that because of the ancient magic within Fiendfell, it can act as a conduit for the reception of similar based magical teleportation devices. Inquisitive Arms also informs House Orien of the hostile nature of the organizations operating in the Demon Wastes. Lastly, Inquisitive Arms recommends either the adjustment or demolition of the current operating teleportation devices.

Written By: Kithriel

Leap of Faith
Just what I expected

Nothing will go right for Inquisitive Arms if there is a chance for it to go wrong mused Kithriel. He knew that when House Orien hired the party that what ever was going wrong would happen to them. Of course Jaunt, the female Eladrin who was debriefing them said that 80% of the tests were successful, but that just meant Kithriel knew he was going to end up part of the last 20%. What kind of name was Jaunt anyways. Kithriel had been in Aundair for a couple days, traveling to Journey’s Home and then waiting for a couple supplies to arrive so that his party could communicate back to House Orien if… no, when the experiment ended up unsuccessful. The first night wasn’t so bad, some lowly mutt in the bar decided to make some comments against Valenar and the night ended in a good fistfight. Kithriel did the spirits of mhis ancestors proud, he delivered the punishment yet showed compassion by not killing his opponents.

Valenar, Kithriel missed his home, his culture. If he were there now amongst his War Clan he would be proving himself amongst his peers. Instead Kithriel had to rely on the knowledge that he fought hard and was becoming more powerful. He knew some day he would return home, and prove that he was still a Valenar to those that cast him out, stripped him of his mount, his blades. He had a new mount, but it was a plain Breelish horse, though Quilljin did him well during his travels she was nothing compared to a true Valenar horse. And his blades, used to the curved scimitars and falchions, Kithriel had to now use a plain double bladed sword.

With those memories in mind Kithriel frowned more so than usual. He shook his head slightly as the conversation about stepping through the portal was finishing up. Kithriel knew he wasn’t dumb, but preferred to do what he was good at when with the party and that involved him pulling out his sword at the ready. Jaunt activated the magic stone teleportation device which was based off of devices from the Age of Demons. There was a quick flash of light then a strange pulling sensation. Kithriel’s stomach felt nauseous for a second then settled as he notices he was through the other side. The sound of crumpling bodies made him turn around, to see Jesseret, Rhonin, and Reikyn hit the floor unconscious.

Looking around Kithriel noticed his was in an ancient ruined tower, the top open to the sky above. This obviously wasn’t the Lhazzar Principalities and so Kithriel crouched slightly and approached the only other entrance to the room, a solid looking door. He didn’t hear anything immediately so decided to post by the door and wait for his allies to awaken. It only took a couple minutes for them to start to stir and arise. Kithriel gave a brief summary of what happened then silently opened the door to peer into the spaces beyond. He looked past the door and saw, to his surprise, Demons. Letting Jesseret take a look, they decided it was best to try and break out of the area and ask questions later.

Jesseret took a few moments to prepare a target for death then the battle began. Kithriel burst through the doorway, charging the nearest enemy to try and hold them off from the end of the hall. As the battle began to rage, two Tieflings burst from a door behind Jesseret and started to assault Rhonin and Reikyn. Kithriel did his best to keep all the enemies occupied on his whirling blades. The battle was brutal and fast, ending with one of the Tieflings surrendering. The party quickly questioned him, finding out that they ended up in the Demon Wastes, in an old Age of Demon fortress by the name of Feindfell. The inhabitants of this area were in constant struggle against House Tharashk who were out seeking dragon shards. Rhonin found the bodies of a few members of House Tharashk and took their identification to show as an offering of friendship, or perhaps to make a profit on later.

Inquisitive Arms battled their way out of the fortress, finding a few more House Tharashk bodies and some minor items along with Rhonin finding what he had been hoping for weeks ago, a chair with Demonic styling. Not only that, Rhonin detected magic from it and made him even more so inclined to lug it along. Kithriel was relieved when they emerged from the fortress and made some distance southward, but he didn’t know how long they would be able to hide while hauling such a large chair. After taking a rest and writing in his journal, Kithriel looked about the toxic landscape and prepared him self for the hardships that lay ahead as Inquisitive Arms tried to find their way back home.

Notes sent to Inquisitive Arms 2

Thanks, from House Sivis

We wish to thank you for the rescue and return of our House member Daran d’Sivis. He holds precious knowledge integral to our study of the Draconic Prophecy, and it was imperative that he return, and moreso, we are happy that he survived. We give our thanks, 50 gold pieces worth of residiuum, the ritual Comprehend Language, and a Cinture of the Dragon Spirit, Daran mentioned that one of you was fearsome, but stumbled with words at time. Perhaps this cinture could help.

Furthermore, we wish to offer you employment, though this would be a long-term contract. We are investigating numerous caverns and other places for hints of the Draconic Prophecy, and we need able-bodied adventurers. If you are interested, please contact us, our enclave is in Korranberg, though you can reach us with a speaking stone from Sharn.

-House Sivis


We are happy that you have helped retrieve one of our entertainers of House Phiarlan. In return we offer you one Hat of Disguise. Also, one information gathering attempt.

-Thia d’Phiarlan

Further thanks

We are remiss in simply gifting tickets on the lightning rail, so we also offer these: a ritual of Summon Steed, as we recognized a Valenar Elf among you, and we know how valuable their steeds are to them, as well as an item found by one of our Trailblazers, Luckbender gloves.

-Rel d’Orien

Note sent to Inquisitive Arms 1

Waiting in front of the mail slot of the Inquisitive Arms house

RE: The Rescue of Rel d’Orien, and future employment?

I am writing to thank you for the rescue of my colleague Rel d’Orien from the clutches of those Aberrant monsters. I am instructed to give you five tickets on the Lightning Rail, to wherever your destination may be, as thanks for rescuing our House mate. However, I also write to you of a future employment opportunity. It should be a quick job, as it’s a simple… test subject position. As you may know, House Orien is delving into teleportation spells, having already begun the construction of a Linked Portal network. However, we are striving to test a long-range, over water, portal. If you are interested in being the test subject, please see me at the House Orien enclave in Sharn, in the Skyway.


Gangs in the Cogs
Rumors of the Day

Gossip circulating the levels above the Cogs

“I ‘eard that there is a gang of Warforged who want more freedom than what we have given them!” says a human dockside worker at the Salty Ship Tavern, a hole in the wall on the main level of Sharn near the lifts to the docks. He runs his hand through close cropped greasy Black hair and then wipes it on his work clothes which are even dirtier. “We Brelish show the most compassion to all of the other creatures of Khorivare and this is what we get for it, gangs looking to over throw OUR way of life!” he goes on to complain. “I ‘eard they even attacked a ‘ouse Cannith expedition looking for relics down there. What ‘as our beautiful city come to? I say we gather da boys an go down there to set it all straight, you know what I mean?”

A dwarven metal smith wipes the foam from his beard as he sets down his tankard and squints at the rabble rouser. “Oy. I heard that the gangs from the Cogs are acting up because of some sort of big find down there. Maybe some large dragonshard was discovered deep in the Cogs? It doesn’t really matter to me, as long as they keep the fighting down there unless they wants some of me and my kin. We will kick em back down to the Cogs and then some. But if they want to bloody themselves away from us, isn’t that good for us?” he asks with a thick dwarven accent which shows his ancestry from the Mror Holds.

The human responds with some indignation, “Us ‘umans can maintain our own with out your help.” He takes a swig of his swill and relaxes a bit. “Other than the gang fighting, I heard there was a local company involved down with the rumbling going in the Cogs. Some kind of search group, investi…gative or what ever they are called. Course, not sure which one.”

Taking a long pull on his tankard the dwarf wipes more foam from his beard and replies, “Don’t know why a bloody group would want to look into problems in the Cogs. I guess that is there priority, and if they want to die in a scum filled area like that, just means more room for us up there,” with that the dwarf points his stout thumb into the air indicating the upper levels of Sharn and the prosperity that generally goes with it. “Back to the anvil for me, some people in this city have to do some honest work rather than playing hero in the Cogs or prancing about with nobles. If it wasn’t for us, this city would be nothing more than a floating ruin” he grumbles out. Slamming the tankard on the bar, he drops off the stool and walks out into the sweat smelling streets of lower Sharn.

Warforged Sculptor Caught, Houses Involved?

by Callie Silverstep | The Sharn Inquisitive

The Sharn Watch and the Breland Military have confirmed that the Warforged Sculptor, responsible for the grisly murders in the Cogs has been caught. The Warforged Captain Fortress was brought into custody. He was awarded medals for his bravery in the battles of Metrol and Making, and returned to Breland after the war to serve in the Brelish Military.

“We are truly shocked that it was one of our own,” Major Bren ir’Gadden was quoted as saying, “Though we have reason to believe that the blame is not entirely Captain Fortress’s.”

The Sharn Watch grudgingly pointed out that it was not their efforts that led to the capture of Fortress. An elf named Kithriel, according to Captain Delvin Toln, single-handedly brought the culprit to justice.

“Major ir’Gadden hired ‘em to help solve the case,” Delvin said, “And we are quite pleased with their work. Anything to shorten the danger to the community.”

Sources in the Ambassador Towers, and in the military headquarters have differing stories as to the cause however. A spokesperson for the Twelve has said that House Cannith had illegally created another Warforged Creation Forge in Sharn, and that Inquisitive Arms brought it to light. They also stressed that this was not an official House Cannith project, and that Merrix d’Cannith will be suitably punished. Baron-candidate Jorlanna d’Cannith, in a quick statement, has said “This was a side project of Merrix, and nothing to do with House business. And there has been no definitive link that the Warforged Sculptor was a fault of House Cannith’s.”

Indeed, other sources have said that a member of House Tharashk was found discussing “art” with the Sculptor, though both Bren ir’Gadden and House Tharashk vehemently deny that this was official House Tharashk business.

The one matter that both Houses can agree upon is that Inquisitive Arms seems to favor neither of their Houses.

“I give them my thanks that they have rooted out this poison in my House,” Daric d’Velderan, one of the leaders of House Tharashk has said. Sources close to Daric d’Velderan, however, indicate that he is displeased with the investigative agency.

Jorlanna d’Cannith’s comment seems to be more directed at Inquisitive Arms, offering only “I’m glad that they alerted us to this matter, I only wish they had done so privately, and with perhaps a little more care to our Magewrights.”

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