Eberron: Inquisitive Arms

Note sent to Inquisitive Arms 1

Waiting in front of the mail slot of the Inquisitive Arms house

RE: The Rescue of Rel d’Orien, and future employment?

I am writing to thank you for the rescue of my colleague Rel d’Orien from the clutches of those Aberrant monsters. I am instructed to give you five tickets on the Lightning Rail, to wherever your destination may be, as thanks for rescuing our House mate. However, I also write to you of a future employment opportunity. It should be a quick job, as it’s a simple… test subject position. As you may know, House Orien is delving into teleportation spells, having already begun the construction of a Linked Portal network. However, we are striving to test a long-range, over water, portal. If you are interested in being the test subject, please see me at the House Orien enclave in Sharn, in the Skyway.




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