Eberron: Inquisitive Arms

Report IQ-HO-01

Inquisitive Arms for House Orien 01

Date: 20 Zarantyr 999 YK
Employer: House Orien

Mission Summary

Inquisitve Arms House was hired by House Orien to perform a sentient science teleportation operation. After traveling to Journey’s Home we were given mission details. House Orien had been testing a long range teleportation device but was not having all their inanimate and animal subjects reappear at the intended location in the Lhazzar Principality. House Orien requests that Inquisitive Arms utilize the teleportation device and upon an unsuccessful operation, described as not arriving at intended target, to recon the new arrival zone and report back via a sending stone.

After preparing for departure, Inquisitive Arms members Kithriel, Jesseret, and Dymarr had House Orien members activate the teleportation device. The recon party found themselves not in the intended destination but within a hostile territory. After an initial encounter with a local group, Inquisitive Arms determined their arrival location to be the ancient fortress from the Age of Demons: Fiendfell, within the Demon Wastes. Inquisitive Arms proceeded to escape Fiendfell and found their way to the House Tharask outpost of Blood Crescent. After informing both House Orien and House Tharask members of the state of the outpost, Inquisitive Arms used their combat knowledge to assist the remaining defenders of the outpost until ships arrived for their rescue.

Inquisitive Arms surmises that because of the ancient magic within Fiendfell, it can act as a conduit for the reception of similar based magical teleportation devices. Inquisitive Arms also informs House Orien of the hostile nature of the organizations operating in the Demon Wastes. Lastly, Inquisitive Arms recommends either the adjustment or demolition of the current operating teleportation devices.

Written By: Kithriel



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