Eberron: Inquisitive Arms

Warforged Sculptor Caught, Houses Involved?

by Callie Silverstep | The Sharn Inquisitive

The Sharn Watch and the Breland Military have confirmed that the Warforged Sculptor, responsible for the grisly murders in the Cogs has been caught. The Warforged Captain Fortress was brought into custody. He was awarded medals for his bravery in the battles of Metrol and Making, and returned to Breland after the war to serve in the Brelish Military.

“We are truly shocked that it was one of our own,” Major Bren ir’Gadden was quoted as saying, “Though we have reason to believe that the blame is not entirely Captain Fortress’s.”

The Sharn Watch grudgingly pointed out that it was not their efforts that led to the capture of Fortress. An elf named Kithriel, according to Captain Delvin Toln, single-handedly brought the culprit to justice.

“Major ir’Gadden hired ‘em to help solve the case,” Delvin said, “And we are quite pleased with their work. Anything to shorten the danger to the community.”

Sources in the Ambassador Towers, and in the military headquarters have differing stories as to the cause however. A spokesperson for the Twelve has said that House Cannith had illegally created another Warforged Creation Forge in Sharn, and that Inquisitive Arms brought it to light. They also stressed that this was not an official House Cannith project, and that Merrix d’Cannith will be suitably punished. Baron-candidate Jorlanna d’Cannith, in a quick statement, has said “This was a side project of Merrix, and nothing to do with House business. And there has been no definitive link that the Warforged Sculptor was a fault of House Cannith’s.”

Indeed, other sources have said that a member of House Tharashk was found discussing “art” with the Sculptor, though both Bren ir’Gadden and House Tharashk vehemently deny that this was official House Tharashk business.

The one matter that both Houses can agree upon is that Inquisitive Arms seems to favor neither of their Houses.

“I give them my thanks that they have rooted out this poison in my House,” Daric d’Velderan, one of the leaders of House Tharashk has said. Sources close to Daric d’Velderan, however, indicate that he is displeased with the investigative agency.

Jorlanna d’Cannith’s comment seems to be more directed at Inquisitive Arms, offering only “I’m glad that they alerted us to this matter, I only wish they had done so privately, and with perhaps a little more care to our Magewrights.”


Kithriel drops the paper on the gathering room table and looks around at the others in the Inquisitive Arms home.

“This is going to cause us trouble now. I knew I should have kept moving, but there are things I need to take care of and Sharn is the only place I think I can do it at. You all better watch what you say and what you do from now on, especially you.” Kithriel points at Brakendor accusingly.

With that he stands up and leaves the room to the rest of the party, the Sharn Inquisitive laying on the table but its words repeating in his mind.


What?!!! It’s not my fault the bugger didn’t have the privileged of being born a dwarf! He can’t hold his liquor, and i can’t pass up the opportunity for a free drink. grumbles not to mention they can’t connect us to the protests that are ongoing against them…*

At least we don’t hang the giant warforged head on the outside of the building…..


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