Bren ir'Gadden


Lord Major Bren ir’Gadden served in the Brelish military during the Last War. Primarily an intelligence officer, he learned many of the secrets about the other nations during the war, making him a popular target for kidnappings and assassination attempts. A group of mercenaries rescued him on the day of the Mourning, when he was captured by Dolgrims.

After the war he continued to serve Breland. Rumors abound that he is connected to the King’s Citadel, primarily those branches which are only rumored to exist. Yet he is a public figure, handling many of the cases around Sharn that deal with the military, along with helping Sharn’s watch keep peace. He is known to use adventurers both on military expeditions and around Sharn.

Currently he has employed a group of adventurers, along with a tracker from House Tharashk to investigate the Warforged murders.

Bren ir'Gadden

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