Brakendor's Journal

This will be the location of the final account of the life of the hero Brakendor Thickblood. His Journal was found recently in the possession of an evil warlord who was ransacking the area around the city of Sharn. By all accounts, this is indeed the true Journal of Brakendor. That which we have already deciphered will be placed here, along with any of my current thoughts on his story and how it relates to where we are today. It shall take some time, blood and fire have clearly soiled his journal and translations will be difficult because of his handwriting. But his writing may be our best lead to ridding the land of the blight yet.

-Alex Kelinda, High Druid Librarian, Dwarf

==== The Mourning ====

I may, by all reckoning, not see out this day. We stand atop a stone watchtower, bloody and tired, yet we are the lucky and few. For today is a day that has not only changed me, but the world. By the gods own hand, we were chosen to not be in the thick of battle, but to rescue the Lord Bren ir’Gadden from his imprisonment in the watchtower. We find a man being tourtured upon a dragonmark and then…. the Turning, as i’ve come to call it. An unnatural blight has stretched across the land…killing all those that we did know….We were stunned upon seeing this…death….descend upon the land… Waves of undead have appeared from the mists. We know we must not go back into that land, but we are all shaken now. Fending off those lumbering hulks that were just an hour earlier our friends…There is only Kythriel and Jesserit with me now from the old army….


Alex Kelinda It appears the rest of this passage goes on for another page but it appears to have been covered in ichor or gore that burns my hand whenever I touch it. Yet another mystery of the blight. It appears the blight is where he received his inspiration to join the druidic monistary. His journal continues upon his entering the monistary….


War, Death, the Mourning… just the mention of these things are enough to scare children and turn even the town guard white with fear. Yet i have seen, fought, bleed, and walked through it all. I have come to the conclusion that it is unnatural. I do not buy some of these cults that it is natural punishing us. It is the common practise of the unholy and undeath in this world that has lead to the accumulation of forbidden knowledge that was used to destroy worlds.

There are sects that hate the Warforged, saying that they are pure embodiments of the forbidden knowledge that the mortal races should not know. Many of those men spend to much time in temples of their books. I will say for now that while their existence is borderline and deserves deep thought. I have fought next to warforged that were both free and enslaved. Man may have created them, but the Gods found enough life to give them souls. If that is good enough for the Gods, it is fine by me.

For tomorrow, I walk into the Eldeen Reaches and start on my journey to become a druid. The only way for me to settle my soul will be to find a way to rid the land of the Mourning.


Alex Kelinda His druidic training is standard fare since we absorbed many converts into our fold during the time after the Mourning. It appears he was frustrated that his ability with the primal druid powers never came fully realized at this time. He has trained as a Dwarven soldier for so long, it was hard for him to purge those abilities out of him. Oujr texts speak of both his martial and primal accomplishments later in life, I am eager to find how he mastered his primal side. Which also brings up an interesting side note. Brakendor’s wild shape form is not mentioned at any point in his training texts. We do not know for sure what he could become, and Brother Nadel is eager to commission a statue in Brakendor’s honor.

Brakendor's Journal

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