House Rules

Finished rules

All PCs get one (1) weapon/implement/focused expertise feat at level 5 for free.

The expertise feats are incredibly good feats, and I’d see why anyone would want to take them. And for people who don’t, it could introduce a little bit of a gap between the combat optimized PCs and the not-quite-as-optimized PCs.

In progress

Fastidiousness is a Bardic Ritual, or there’s a permanent focus for it.

One of the PCs wanted to use this as an RP element, which I like. Just need to figure out if it’s a Bardic ritual, or if there’s a permanent focus for it.

Fun points: Each player can accumulate points by doing cool things:
  • Showing up
  • RPing
  • RPing in combat
  • Do something cinematic in combat (maybe focus this more by saying adding “instead of using a power”)
  • Updating the wiki (limit one per week?)
  • Bring snacks? (though, I don’t want to pressure anyone to do this)
  • Arriving on time
  • Contributing to the campaign’s story (create NPCs, like family members, friends, etc. I like the collaborative stuff, like when Dustin came up with the name Delvin for an NPC)
  • Each player gets up to 2 points, they can give to the other players for any decent reason
Points can be traded in for the following:
  • +1 bonus to a roll (5 points)
  • +2 bonus to a roll (7 points)
  • +1d4 to a roll (10 points)
  • +1d6 to a roll (15 points)
  • Treat roll as 1 or 20 (25 points)

I like the fun points idea, I think it encourages RPing, and generally making the game better for everyone. I’m a little unsure about the rewards for it though, and suggestions would be welcome.

House Rules

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