Inquisitve Arms House

Amidst the hustle of Sharn lies a decent sized abode which houses the fledging group, Inquisitive Arms. Here the members conduct business, train, rest and live in the metropolitan city of the sky.

Sample housing layout made with AutoREALM:

Inquisitive Arms Shared Inventory

Nice Chest + lock
  • 945 gp
  • 1613 gp worth of Residium
  • 2x Khyber Shard of Life Drinking +1
  • Oathbound Longsword +1
  • Eberron Shard of of Lightning +1
  • Khyber Shard of Fiery Death +1
  • Steed Summons (ritual)
  • Dagger +1×8
  • Longsword +1×10
  • Longbow +1×9
  • Opal Carp




Brakendor’s Journal

Inquisitve Arms House

Eberron: Inquisitive Arms AKBanse