Kithriel's Journal


A small journal about 6 inches tall and bound in black leather. The outside seems to be very plain with no markings or images on the leather. The pages within seem to barely be touched with stylish elven writing in crisp lines on the first few pages. The rest of the journal is empty, waiting for information and adventure to fill it up.

12 Zarantyr 999 YK
Quick scribblings in Kithriel’s work journal

Found our way to Blood Crescent, a Tharask outpost, captained by Commander Dorn, field promoted.

Help defend fort as Demon Wastes tribe assaulted. Escaped on ship heading back to civilization.

2 Zarantyr 999 YK
Quick scribblings in Kithriel’s work journal

A new year, a new job. Took free lightning rail tickets to town of Passage in Aundair.

Met Jaunt, female Eladrin. Head of scientists for project.

Journey’s Home, House Orien’s main enclave and area of study.

Stepped through portal and ended up in Demon Wastes instead of Lhazzar Principalities. Demon Wastes seems more potential for challenges.

Found selves in Fiendfell, a fortress from Age of Demons. Need to head south to House Thurask outpost to get back. Not sure how fast we can travel with Rhonin carrying a chair.

24 Vult 998 YK
Notes in Kithriel’s work journal

Took a contract from Aelar’de Lyrindar, in the service of House Lyrindar. Cargo airship Hawks Flight having different weights than expected. Tharin’de Lyrindar, name given about who is in charge. Sharn to Lhazar, Regal Fort. Found boxes of grain with Dream Lilly in it, poison for the mind. Must destroy it. Captain and core crew selling drugs and weapons to Cloud Reavers in Port Kraz.

7 Vult 998 YK
Notes in Kithriel’s work journal

Bren ir’Gadden informed of events, mentioned Tiefling gang killed by aberrant marked people.

Stopped machine from being activated. Man said aberrants are getting revenge for purge. Portal leads to Karnath Rhonin says. Broke machine, some allies sick from it.

Found Killdrack, dwarf companion of Roondan.

Human buyers for machine wore Aundarian garb.

Dragonborn with armbands, stylized black dragon heads.

Reikyn, half-elf cleric. Trying to find Alex Sarian, war criminal

Passing through a portal knocked some of us out. Strange dream like state that felt real. On towers and were being attacked by dragonmarked houses. They said we were aberrant. I saw aberrant marks on allies. May be linked to the fight 1000 years ago when houses tried to purge aberants.

Followed leads from the Cogs that led to Dora-Sharn. Ruins everywhere.

People poking around the site Roondan showed us. Cannith mage we dealt with earlier was there, he will no longer be a problem. Many had badges with Beholders on them.

Halfling gang in middle city with ties to house Gallandra. Something to relate them to the missing adventurers?

5 Vult 998 YK
Notes in Kithriel’s work journal

New job from Delvin involving human bard, presumably. Something to do with missing adventuring party, large ancient machine in Cogs. This Roondan Daergal will take us to final encounter. Something is not right with him, he has a very queer pet that puts me on edge.

3 Vult 998 YK
Scribbled notes in Kithriel’s work journal

Information over the past few days after being rescued. Dalas de’ Cannith is said to be the head of operations in Sharn for the undead-warforged.

Need to find information about murders and who is suspect before Jorlana de’ Cannith, a Baroness, gets to Sharn.

Information from individuals in Ambassadors Tower in Sharn.

Followed Fortress after shadowing him for a day, it met with a half-orc that I couldn’t make and they talked about “art” in the Cogs. Half-orc features bastard sword, shield, goggles.

Zorlan is helping with the undead part of the warforged experiments.

Mariks, Jorlana, Zorlan all related somehow.

29 Aryth 998 YK
Written in a small parchment notebook of Kithriel’s

Found a Cannith mage trying to construct a large warforged, turned him into his house. Information saying Lord Mariks de Cannith has stranger operations in Sharn.

22 Aryth 998 YK
Written in a small parchment notebook of Kithriel’s

Have a permanent position in Sharn known as Inquisitive Arms. Delvin is our contact for jobs at times. Currently must track warforged. Fortress has been seen heading to Kybers Gate, he was one of us during the rescue of Bren on the mourning.

22 Aryth 998 YK
Written in a small parchment notebook of Kithriel’s

Followed strange creatures trail to Dalanan Tower, fancy area of Sharn. Lead to Eric Blacktree’s estate, late aid of Bren ir’Gadden.

15 Aryth 998 YK
A note scribbled onto a small parchment

A brief introduction to Elven for your unlearned ears:
Tierith’Riel – it is a curse, therefor you will most likely hear me say it often
Wynwerth il Valenar – for the glory of the Valenar
Amen’val’ithlin – greetings
Namoth Valenaris – non Valenar or non Elf

20 Ollarune 994 YK

To War Leader Litheriat,

I have finished the assigned mission today in working with the Brelish military even though the nation of Cyre, whom we have been defending for such a long time, is where we are operating. I wrote to inform you that our mission was a success, the captured officer was rescued and returned to his army. I would like to note a strange occurance that is very disturbing. A large cloud grew over the center of Cyre and with a flash of bright light a wave of force rumbled across her lands. A strange fog rode on this wave and stopped just shy of our area of operation. All was silent from it and I have a bad feeling of what it means.


Kithriel's Journal

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